Marketing training for all members of chambers and staffpanerai luminor pam00127 44mm mens automatic silver tone

We provide training in all aspects of marketing, communications, campaign management, marketing budgeting and social media

Marketing training

We can help you build a strategy, plan and operational goals to succeed. By training you in numerous marketing techniques you can undertake the required analysis of your market and business to determine which marketing methods will be most successful taking into account your organisation uniqueness, legal products and services, positioning within the market; attracting and maintaining your market, and cross selling etc.

Social media training

From setting the foundation for success and developing an integrated plan, our training covers how to engage members and followers, the types of content you should use, the various social channels available to you, relevant social media tools, the associated social opportunity and subsequent return on investment.

Marketing management

Your marketing budget forms an integral part of your marketing plan, allocating monies to all of your proposed activities.  Without a solid budget, you can easily accidentally overspend on marketing costs so it’s a control mechanism. Similarly, you can under-spend which may have a disastrous impact on your revenues. Our training enables you to plan your budgets realistically and keep them inline with detailed analysis of your campaigns and events.