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  • Father of Ohio high school football player convicted of rape shoots judge
    Authorities identified Nathaniel ‘Nate’ Richmond, father of Ma’Lik Richmond, as gunman who shot and wounded Jefferson County Judge Joseph Bruzzese Jr The man who shot and wounded a judge outside a county courthouse before being shot dead by a probation officer was the father of a Steubenville High School football player who was convicted of […]
  • Brexit paper backs away from PM's promise of judicial independence
    Latest policy paper seeks to maintain EU system of civil judicial cooperation covering business and family disputesBritain will be subject to the rulings of European courts after Brexit, the government has conceded, in an apparent climbdown from its promise of judicial independence.In the latest in a series of policy papers that seek to blur the […]
  • The Guardian view on censoring the internet: necessary, but not easy | Editorial
    Who should protect us online? And who will guard us from these guards?Among the more absurd things ever said about the internet was that the network “interprets censorship as damage, and routes around it”. The epigram was half true, but the half that was false gets more important every year.The internet can be a vile […]
  • The question of race in child abuse cases | Letters
    Sarah Champion, like the victims she stands up for, deserves to be heard, say Sally Bates, Roy Grimwood and Cath Hallam, while Hilary Nelson warns against falling into a racism trapIn all of the outrage concerning Sarah Champion, it is important to remember the context of the vulnerable children she is seeking to protect (Shadow […]
  • Online hate is real-world hate. It’s about time there were consequences | Suzanne Moore
    A laissez-faire attitude to online aggression has encouraged abuse without fear of penalty. Alison Saunders’ new guidance will help to change this mentalityThe minute Alison Saunders announced the Crown Prosecution Service’s crackdown on hate crime online, a torrent of loathing spewed forth on Twitter. There were the hordes complaining that they could no longer tell […]
  • Arizona's 'concentration camp': why was Tent City kept open for 24 years?
    In 1993 Joe Arpaio, America’s ‘toughest sheriff’, opened a temporary outdoor jail in Phoenix. After more than two decades, the notorious project is finally closing‘Hitler! Hitler!” the prisoners chanted to the TV cameras in protest. It was 4 February 2009. More than 200 Latino men in black-and-white striped uniforms, shackled to each other, were being […]