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  • 'A crack in the edifice': privacy advocates hail supreme court cellphone data ruling
    EFF says decision that authorities can no longer access location data without a warrant means an end to government’s ‘free rein’If you live in the US and carry a cellphone, you might as well be wearing an ankle monitor that logs your location every 15 minutes and maintains an archive of that information dating back […]
  • Gang raped and set on fire: ICC pushes to investigate Myanmar Rohingya atrocities
    Exclusive: Evidence of horrific treatment emerges as the Hague gives Myanmar deadline to respond to claimsHarrowing accounts of Rohingya women tied to trees and raped for days by Myanmar’s military and men being pushed into mass graves, doused with petrol and set alight have been sent to the international criminal court.The evidence has been sent […]
  • Supreme court bans police access to phone records without a warrant
    Court bars police from accessing call listings and location without a warrant, in ‘most consequential privacy ruling in a generation’A US supreme court ruling issued Friday barred police from accessing cellphone records such as call listings and location data without first obtaining a search warrant, in a landmark decision in favor of privacy protections.Advocates hailed […]
  • Hungary is making a mockery of ‘EU values’. It’s time to kick it out | Owen Jones
    Criminalising help for refugees is a sign of Viktor Orbán’s growing authoritarianism. Europe cannot afford to ignore itIt’s time for the European Union to kick Hungary out. There it is, a member state, casually flouting basic democratic norms and human rights, swiftly evolving into an authoritarian nightmare, with absolutely no meaningful consequences.Consider the latest act […]
  • If Labour is really progressive, it will pledge to decriminalise drugs | Michael Segalov
    Years of DIY-testing the dubious stashes of festival-goers have convinced me that urgent reform is needed to keep people safeWhile discussion of drugs and drug policy often revolve around facts, figures and complex science, perhaps it’s worth reflecting on what I have witnessed at British music festivals over the past four years. Summer after summer, […]
  • Part-privatisation of probation sector 'is a mess', MPs say
    Justice committee publishes damning report on overhaul instituted by Chris Grayling and urges MoJ reviewThe part-privatisation of the probation sector spearheaded by Chris Grayling during his time as justice secretary is a “mess” and may never work, MPs have warned in a damning report that heavily criticises the reforms.Four years after Grayling put his “transforming […]