Web services and search engine optimisation

We provide services for the creation and ongoing management of websites

Website creation

From a marketing perspective, it’s pointless attempting to drive huge volumes of traffic to your website if, when they arrive, your content’s so poor that it causes them to leave straightaway. Similarly, it’s pointless having the best content on the internet if no one can find your website. We can help you build a strategy, plan and operational goals to ensure your website is a success. Our graphic design team can produce bespoke imagery whilst our copy team can provide relevant copy for each practice area.

Search Engine Optimisation

Over the years, Google’s algorithms have become cleverer in the way they rank websites including the interpretation of keywords.  A keyword is a word or sequence of words that a search engine uses to index web pages when browsers type them into the search bar to locate companies, products or services. Our team can help by focussing your pages on relevant keywords and then boosting them via a combination of organic and paid keywords tactics.

Google Analytics

All of Google Analytics’ statistics provide valuable insights about your site and the visitors it receives. Use the data to introduce improvements to your wording, layout and imagery. For example, if you discover that the bulk of your referrals come via Twitter on Wednesday from posts relating to TUPE, generate more site content on this subject and promote by tweeting mid-week. Our team can manage your Google Analytics and provide practice area specific improvement recommendations.